Weyerhaeuser Forest Engineering

LEI Engineering and Surveying of Oregon has been performing a wide range of forestry and forest engineering services for Weyerhaeuser since the 1980s.  This has included logging units and road layout at multiple locations throughout Northwestern Oregon, including location of RMA and leave tree buffers. Provided GIS and hard copy maps of work performed. In some instances proposed road locations where surveyed and designed using the Softree RoadEng forest road design platform and design output provided to the client.  

LEI Engineering and Surveying of Oregon has also completed extensive existing road condition assessments, inventory, and surveys.  These data have been compiled into stand-alone databases and databases linked to Weyerhaeuser corporate GIS.

LEI Engineering and Surveying of Oregon staff worked closely with the Weyerhaeuser project administrator to ensure that land owner objectives were being met and data and work product met the needs for subsequent harvest activities.