LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon is an industry leader in modern forest practices, with significant experience in forest stand restoration and treatment.  LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon believes the best way to address forest restoration and treatment is to start with a good area plan. One the basis of this plan, experienced foresters and engineers can recommend analysis and treatment options to meet stakeholder objectives and regulatory requirements.  

Our Approach

LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon understands that historic, or traditional, silviculture practices may not fully address the need for forest stand restoration and treatment, and constraints brought about by public comment and resource impacts.  Instead, forest silviculturists should look at newer silviculture approaches such as “Skips and Gaps” in which opening sizes are relatively small and marking is left to the operator.  LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon also understands the trend in the forest industry towards collaborative groups so that a wide range of objectives can be incorporated into a project.  LEI Oregon’s experience with collaborative groups means it can provide its clients with proven solutions meeting the dynamics present in today’s forest industry.

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