Fairview / Simpson Hills Development - Salem, Oregon

Simpson HillsLEI was the lead civil design and land survey consultant for the master planning and initial design for development of an approximate 270 acre tract at the former Fairview Training Facility (Oregon State Mental Hospital).  Initial development included remediation of approximately 40 acres of soils contaminated by pesticides from a previous orchard. This remediation involved removal of approximately 125,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils and placement in a permanent onsite storage cell. 
Civil Engineering and Land Surveying
Working collaborately with the project environmental sciences consultant, LEI developed an excavation design for the removal of all contaminated soils within the project site. This excavation involved removal of the upper 8”-24” of contaminated soil over a 40 acre area. In addition, LEI developed an onsite storage cell design design for storage of contaminated soils, which involved expansion of an existing weathered basalt rock pit.  This expansion included the excavation of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of weathered basalt from the pit. From the onset of the soil remediation effort and to this day, LEI has developed ongoing extensive erosion control plans for the site. These designs included ongoing monitoring and the use of erosion control features from sediment fences to settlement ponds. LEI developed a comprehensive Storm Water Mangement Plan for the project site during the Master Planning Phase of work. During the soil remediation effort, LEI worked to deploy several innovative stormwater treatement solutions, in addition to traditional solutions, to meet the unique characteristics of the project site.

Linn Benton Community College Science Building - Albany, Oregon

LBCC Science BuildingLEI performed the civil site design, land survey, site survey and construction administration for the development of a new science building to Linn Benton Community College in Albany Oregon. Working collaboratively with DJ Architecture, LEI followed LEED standards and green construction practices, including an innovative stormwater treatment system that recycles treated stormwater for landscape irrigation use.

LEI followed the City of Albany Engineering Design Standard requirements. The City of Portland stormwater Management Manual governed water quality standards. LEI also provided value engineering, development of construction costs (engineers estimate), review of requests for information (RFI’s), submittals, change order requests, construction inspection/observation, photo journaling of construction progress and collaboration with regulatory agencies.

Polk Inlet Logging Systems and Transportation Plan

polk inlet planLEI completed the development of a an integrated logging systems and transportation plan (LSTA) for all commercially viable timber lands for an approximate 20,000 acre project area in the vicinity of Shrimp Bay, Alaska, in support of a USFS Gate 1 analysis.

Project objectives included development of a “Full Stick” LSTA inclusive of all commercially viable timber in the project area regardless of Forest Plan LUDs, development of an Area Plan LSTA from the “Full Stick” LSTA taking into account standards and guidelines set out in the Forest Plan; development of three harvest options from the Area Plan LSTA, a financial analysis of the Area Plan and harvest options using current Region 10 appraisal economics; development of a written report; and presentation of project finding to USFS staff. Moreover, LSTA GIS feature classes were attributed and configured for analysis when using the ArcSNAP strategic planning software program.

Weyerhaeuser Forest Engineering

Weyco FELEI has been performing a wide range of forestry and forest engineering services for Weyerhaeuser since the 1980s.  This has included logging unit and road layout at multiple locations throughout Northwestern Oregon, including location of RMA and leave tree buffers. Provided GIS and hard copy maps of work performed. In some instances proposed road locations where surveyed and designed using the Softree RoadEng forest road design platform and design output provided to client.  

LEI has also completed extensive existing road condition assessment, inventory, and survey.  These data have been compiled into stand alone databases and databases linked to Weyerhaeuser corporate GIS.

LEI staff worked closely with the Weyerhaeuser project administrator to ensure that land owner objectives were being met and data and work product met the needs for subsequent harvest activities.

16-inch Waterline Main Extension - Salem, Oregon

Salem Water MainIn support of a 200 acre mixed-use development in west Salem, Oregon, LEI completed the analysis and design for upgrade of trunk waterline to provide capacity for the new development.  This analysis and design included development of plan set and specifications for a new 16-inch waterline main extension over 4800 feet long.

LEI provided all surveying, engineering and construction administration for this public improvement project. LEI  also worked closely with the City of Salem staff to complete the design and facilitate construction to meet city and developer project objectives.