Boat and RV Storage Facility Engineering – Detroit, Oregon

LEI Engineering and Surveying of Oregon completed the land surveying, civil engineering, and construction engineering/surveying for the construction of a medium-sized boat and RV storage facility in Detroit, Oregon.  The site where this development took place included very poor soils, extensive surface water, and a nearby wetland.  

This site presented many engineering challenges due to the nearby wetland and extremely poor soils located at the site.  Some of the solutions used to address these challenges included the design of a 12-feet height concrete retaining wall along the back of the site, over-excavation of poor soils, the use of cement-modified soils to provide a firm foundation, extensive use of geotextile and geogrid, and rock armoring of drainage features along the perimeter of the site. 

Throughout the entire construction phase of the project, LEI Engineering and Surveying of Oregon spent significant time at the site working with the construction contractor to address issues found during construction.  The final constructed site is functioning very well and has met owner’s expectations and needs.