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Take Advantage of the Hot Housing and Land Market by Partitioning or Subdividing Your Property and Selling at Historic Highs

Many home/land owners in Oregon have lots and parcels that can legally be subdivided or partitioned into multiple new lots that can be sold at values that are at historic highs.  At LEI Oregon, we see dozens of owners capitalizing on their valuable land holdings to convert this land into multiple sellable lots.  You don’t need to have a large tract of land to take advantage of partitioning and subdividing.  We often see land owners with small to medium parcels and lots converting these lands into lots that are very sought after in today’s housing market

Call or email LEI Oregon today for a free assessment of your property for partitioning and/or subdividing and consultation.   Our land use and land surveying professionals stand ready to provide you with practical and cost-effective options to help you maximize the best and highest return on your land assets.   At LEI Oregon, we pride ourselves on giving our clients honest and practical solutions that allow them to realize the potential and value of their land assets.

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