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When Should A Land Owner Hire a Land Surveyor?

At LEI, we often receive phone calls and emails from landowners asking about doing property improvement in and around their property lines such as fences, out-buildings, roads, and other structures. In some instances, a neighbor is either doing or has done some type of improvement near a property line. These landowners frequently are unsure how to proceed with improvements or are unsure how to address a neighbor who they feel has encroached on their property. 

Hiring a Licensed Land Surveyor to identify the location of property corners/monuments and property lines is often fairly inexpensive and can save the landowner significant liability. For example, accidentally cutting down even a few trees from a neighbor’s property can cost the landowner thousands of dollars in damages, because State Law imposes up to a triple penalty for this mistake. 

A Licensed Land Surveyor will research the public recorded documents, such as deeds and plats, to establish how the property line is legally described and determine the best approach to field locate this line. The Licensed Land Surveyor will then use specialized equipment, techniques, and experience to efficiently identify the legally described property line in the field. This will include identifying survey monuments and other field evidence to establish the property line. 

One key point the landowner should keep in mind is that a fence does not always designate a property line. A catchphrase often used among the LEI land survey crews is “A fence is just a fence.” 

LEI’s Land Survey Staff will evaluate the location of fences, as they relate to the researched survey documents and field identified field evidence, and determine where the legally defined property line is located. 

Whether you are a large landowner or a typical homeowner, we at LEI stand ready to assist you with your project needs. Our Land Survey Staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and we can work with you to develop the best approach to address your property line concerns at a cost that fits your specific budget.

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