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Rain Gardens — An Economic and Environmentally Friendly Stormwater Treatment Solution

​Frequently, the developer or homeowner is faced with a situation where it is not possible to utilize existing stormwater treatment infrastructure for a new construction or reconstruction project.   A Rain Garden can be an ideal solution that provides effective stormwater treatment and is often very cost-effective to construct.  Resembling standard landscaping, the rain garden collects stormwater from roof drains and other impervious surfaces and detains it for treatment through natural infiltration.   Stormwater entering the rain garden flows through vegetation, and associated root systems, allowing the water to be filtered prior to entering surrounding native soil.   The rain garden is an accepted stormwater treatment facility by most regulatory and permitting agencies.  

Construction of a rain garden is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive process, with the primary requirements that the garden be sized appropriately for regulatory rainstorm events and that existing soil provides a minimum level of infiltration.  A simple soil infiltration test can be performed at the site of the planned rain garden and then the garden is sized by an engineer to accommodate required stormwater flows. 

Contact LEI if you would like more information about using a rain garden to address your stormwater treatment needs. 

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