LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon has a highly trained staff of natural resources professionals experienced at completing natural resources planning and analyses, including Federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon combines state-of-the-art technology with extensive experience of seasoned natural resource professionals to provide turn-key and effective project solution.  

When project needs dictate, we pride ourselves in our ability to successfully team with environmental scientists and other professional services firms to provide comprehensive environmental analysis solutions.  In many ways, LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon’s multi-firm team management approach is very similar to a large firm with key staff located at different branch offices or locations.  LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon has mastered the ability to pull multi-firm teams together to efficiently and effectively address client needs as if the effort were coming from a single firm.  This means that we can effectively and efficiently complete a wide array of large multi-disciplinary projects.

Timber Sale NEPA

  • Logging Systems and Transportation Analysis (LSTA) in support of NEPA analysis
  • Comprehensive ground truthing and site specific design and analysis
  • Integration of concerns and recommendations put forward by collaborative
  • Comprehensive Timber Economics Analysis to produce positive timber sale returns
  • State-of-the-art scientific and technical approaches

Forest Restoration

  • Identification of stands requiring treatment for fire and insect resistance
  • Stewardship experts
  • Progressive silviculture such as “skips and gaps”
  • Economic solutions to address complex stand restoration constraints
  • Low impact logging operations analysis

Road Condition Survey and Assessment

  • Development of road maintenance programs, data collection protocols, and procedures
  • On the ground road condition assessment using either qualitative or quantitative approaches
  • Integration of road condition and assessment data with corporate GIS
  • Incorporation of road condition data with the federal INFRA database
  • Road decommissioning assessment and recommendations