Fairview / Simpson Hills Development - Salem, Oregon

Simpson HillsLEI was the lead civil design and land survey consultant for the master planning and initial design for development of an approximate 270 acre tract at the former Fairview Training Facility (Oregon State Mental Hospital).  Initial development included remediation of approximately 40 acres of soils contaminated by pesticides from a previous orchard. This remediation involved removal of approximately 125,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils and placement in a permanent onsite storage cell. 
Civil Engineering and Land Surveying
Working collaborately with the project environmental sciences consultant, LEI developed an excavation design for the removal of all contaminated soils within the project site. This excavation involved removal of the upper 8”-24” of contaminated soil over a 40 acre area. In addition, LEI developed an onsite storage cell design design for storage of contaminated soils, which involved expansion of an existing weathered basalt rock pit.  This expansion included the excavation of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of weathered basalt from the pit. From the onset of the soil remediation effort and to this day, LEI has developed ongoing extensive erosion control plans for the site. These designs included ongoing monitoring and the use of erosion control features from sediment fences to settlement ponds. LEI developed a comprehensive Storm Water Mangement Plan for the project site during the Master Planning Phase of work. During the soil remediation effort, LEI worked to deploy several innovative stormwater treatement solutions, in addition to traditional solutions, to meet the unique characteristics of the project site.