Swire Coca Cola Facility Expansion - Bend, Oregon

swire-coca-cola-bendLEI Engineering and Surveying of Oregon completed the land surveying, civil engineering, and construction engineering/surveying for a 20,000 square feet expansion to the Swire Coca Cola Facility in Bend, Oregon.  LEI performed as the land surveying and civil engineering team member for a design-build team lead by Big D Construction out of Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Of specific importance for this project and site was stormwater treatment due the sites close proximity to a major drainage canal tributary tot he Descuttes River.  The increase in impervious surfaces at the site resulted in an increase in stormwater runoff by over 4 cfs.   To treat this runoff, LEI designed a pair of drywells to treat 100% of the stormwater runoff for the site with the drywells, even up to the 100 year design storm.   Following construction of the new drywells, LEI performed the performance testing for the drywells to verify their ability to treat the increased runoff flows.