Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company Rural Land Development

Weyredco Beaver HillLEI performed as the land surveyor and engineer for Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company (Weyredco) in the planning and design of multiple parcels to convert these parcels for forest operations lands to residential developments.

LEI worked closely with the Weyredco land use planner to identify residential development opportunities in rural lands and forest lands. This included subdivisions, partitions, and lot line adjustments. In some instances, a forest reserve was required to meet zoning and land use requirements for parcels. LEI worked with the land use planner to develop the forest serve and incorporate requirement for the reserve into the long term development plan.

Land survey work included boundary surveying, topographic surveying, route surveying, construction staking, and development of legal descriptions. LEI performed multiple types of engineering services including traditional civil site design to design planned homesites, low volume road engineering, utility design, stormwater design, and access design to public roadways.

LEI also performed forestry services including inventory, forest reserve preparation, and logging systems analysis.