Polk Inlet Logging Systems and Transportation Plan

polk inlet planLEI completed the development of a an integrated logging systems and transportation plan (LSTA) for all commercially viable timber lands for an approximate 20,000 acre project area in the vicinity of Shrimp Bay, Alaska, in support of a USFS Gate 1 analysis.

Project objectives included development of a “Full Stick” LSTA inclusive of all commercially viable timber in the project area regardless of Forest Plan LUDs, development of an Area Plan LSTA from the “Full Stick” LSTA taking into account standards and guidelines set out in the Forest Plan; development of three harvest options from the Area Plan LSTA, a financial analysis of the Area Plan and harvest options using current Region 10 appraisal economics; development of a written report; and presentation of project finding to USFS staff. Moreover, LSTA GIS feature classes were attributed and configured for analysis when using the ArcSNAP strategic planning software program.