LEI is truly an industry leader when it comes to Forest Engineering and Forest Operations. Our experience in this area is second to none; spanning over 30 years, four continents, and every major forested region in the western United States and Canada. Our highly experienced staff is well versed in all modern logging systems and forest operations procedures. LEI also has an extensive library of historic logging equipment specifications dating back to the early 1950’s, meaning we effectively analyze nearly any logging operation in use today.

LEI is well known for its experience and skill at generated integrated logging systems and transportation plans (LSTP). A well-developed LSTP by experience Forest Engineers is the foundation upon which effective forest operations are deployed.  LEI has developed logging plans covering literally millions of acres of forest lands throughout the world. At LEI, we deploy a unique combination of the latest remote sensing data, photogrammetric techniques, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and experience to develop LSTPs that are operationally sound while addressing relevant environmental impact mitigation measures.