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LEI Oregon Completes Forest Fire Risk Improvement and Forest Health Project on the Umpqua National Forest

LEI Engineering & Surveying of Oregon (LEI Oregon) is pleased to announce that it has completed a 7-month project on the Umpqua National Forest to perform the engineering and forestry components of an environmental analysis to reduce forest fire risk and improve national forest health.  LEI Oregon worked collaboratively with Umpqua National Forest resource specialists to develop and field verified a logging systems and transportation analysis (LSTA) for all acres in the study area, assess the existing road system, perform common stand exam (CSE) plots, and perform forest fuels surveys.

Following the field effort, LEI Oregon performed a comprehensive analysis of the logging system, forestry, and road system data to develop documents for inclusion in the environmental analysis.  This included developing detailed timber economics for the project to evaluation the viability of project from a financial perspective. 

The project was an overwhelming success with LEI Oregon receiving comments from the agency during the final presentation of:

"Outstanding job"

"Thanks for all of your great work"

"Job well done!"

LEI Oregon is happy to have been a part of this exciting project to improve our National Forests and reduce the risk of forest fires.

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LEI Oregon Completes Engineering and Forestry Anal...

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