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LEI Oregon Wraps up 2020 Field Season for the QMS National Forest Boundary Marking Project

The entire LEI Oregon crew made an "all hands on deck" final push to finish off the 2020 field season for our QMS National Forest Boundary survey and marking project in the Oregon Cascade Range. The 2020 field season was an overwhelming success with the LEI Oregon survey crew surveying and marking over 8 miles of National Forest Boundary line in the very steep Quartzville Creek and Upper Santiam River basins.

With the Oregon winter quickly setting in in the Oregon Cascade Range, LEI Oregon made a final push to finish off our 2020 quota and to round out the season. The snow came quickly at these elevations, which made for some cold and wet days, but we successfully achieved our objective.

LEI Oregon President Jamie Van Agtmael performing corner maintenance where he found a unique and "old school" bearing tree.

LEI Oregon Lead Designer Chris Forgerson gets out of the office to help with the final push to finish the 2020 QMS field season.

LEI Oregon Lead Designer Chris Fogerson Passes the...
Utilizing the Latest in Mobile Data Collection and...

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