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LEI Begins Limestone/Silver Forest Health Project for USDA Forest Service

Reducing Forest Fire Risk and Improving Forest Health

LEI began work on a new and exciting project for the USDA Forest Service, Region 6:  The Limestone/Silver Forest Health and Disease Control project on the Colville National Forest.   This project is an effort to promote forest growth and health, reduce tree insect and disease levels, and develop stand densities that sustain wood fiber production.   More information can be found on the Forest Service project website:  Limestone Silver Project Website

LEI is performing the logging engineering and forestry components of this project through completion of treatment unit reconnaissance and layout, logging system analysis, and unit boundary designation.  

LEI is excited to be working for the Colville National Forest to assist in improving the health of this National Forest while reducing risk of forest fire.   Projects like this one are so vital to the long term sustainability of our Nations Forests.

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